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Filmtec - Dupont - NF270-400

EUR 660,45

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  • Items per pack: 1
  • Model: NF270-400
  • Weight: 15 Kg
  • Measure A: 112 mm
  • Measure B: 26 mm
  • Measure C: 26 mm
  • PDF technical sheet:

The DOW FILMTEC NF270-400 element is designed to remove a high percentage of TOC and THM precursors while having a medium to high salt passage and medium hardness passage. It is an ideal element for surface and groundwater applications where good organic removal is desired with partial softening in order to maintain a minimum level of hardness for organoleptic properties and preservation of distribution networks. The high active area membrane combined with low net driving pressure of the membrane allows the removal of these compounds at low operating pressure.