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Sales terms

The current general terms and conditions of sale regulate the commercial relationships between Eko Srl and its customers, to the exclusion of all other agreements. The only exception is where another agreement has been made in writing between Eko Srl and the other party, in which case the latter will take precedence.


Prices exclude VAT and are valid exclusively. Prices are published by Eko Srl on its website and are continuously updated. The customer is therefore requested to verify the prices before placing his order.


3.1 Eko Srl will only accept orders in writing and received through the internet website and will reserve the right to confirm the order. The receipt of the order does not engage Eko Srl in an agreement until explicit written confirmation.
3.2 The order can not be cancelled by the buyer.



4.1 Product availability refers to permanent availability at the time the purchased purchase is the order. This availability must however be purely indicative because, due to the simultaneous presence on the site of several users, the products used will be sold to other customers before the order confirmation.

4.2 Even after sending the confirmation e-mail of the standing order, there are cases of partial or total unavailability of the goods. In this case, the order will be automatically adjusted with the elimination of the unavailable product and the buyer will be immediately reimbursed by e-mail.


5.1. Terms of delivery will be always specified and confirmed in writing by Eko Srl on receipt of the order.
5.2. The delivery times are not binding and therefore to be understood, however, Eko Srl is not responsible for any loss or damage, direct/indirect or/in stemming from late or non delivery of the product.


6.1. Shipping will be in accordance with INCOTERMS 2000 and will always be EX-WORKS warehouse Eko srl - Italy or EX-WORKS premises of the manufacturer/supplier of Eko srl. Eko Srl will choose the method of delivery at its discretion, using only the following express courier: DPD, GLS, DHL, UPS, TNT and SDA.
6.2. The place of delivery will always be the warehouse Eko srl. Therefore the goods travel at the risk of the buyer.

6.3. The goods will not be insured during transport. All risks associated with transport are the responsibility of the buyer.
6.4. Eko Srl accepts no liability for the goods after they have left the Eko Srl warehouse or that of its supplier.
6.5. At time of delivery, the buyer must verify the condition of the goods, the quantity, and the packaging, and that this conforms to the consignment note. In case of a discrepancy with the order after removal of packaging and inspection of goods, this must be reported in writing to Eko Srl within 24 hours of receipt of goods.


The documentation provided for each product will be the standard documentation of Eko Srl or its manufacturer/supplier, and will consist of technical and operating and maintenance literature (safety data sheet for chemical products). The documentation is available on the internet website


The invoice of the material will be sent with the goods. The payment must be done at the order by credit card. For orders more than EUR/USD 5.000,00 the payment will be divided in two parts:
1) EUR/USD 5.000,00 with credit card at the order;
2) The remaining amount with bank transfer to IBAN:
For these orders the invoices will be sent the day after the payment of EUR/USD 5.000,00 by credit card. For these orders the goods will be sent 5 days later from the date indicated in the order confirmation.


9.1. All items sold by Eko Srl are warranted for a period of 1 (one) year from the date o purchase. The warranty is valid subject to the following conditions:
a) the buyer no later than eight days from the date of delivery, has committed at its headquarters appropriate quality control checks. These are to be performed by official methods or those indicated in the literature accompanying the product;
b) the item/product is used according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer/supplier and/or Eko Srl in the technical and in the user's manual;
c) the installation and maintenance are carried out according to the instructions of the manufacturer/supplier and/or Eko Srl as described in the technical and in the user's manual, which the customer has confirmed receipt of;
d) the warranty replacement is carried out solely on the return of the detective material and only after verifying the nature of the defect. These tests will be compared relative to the specifications on the database held at the technical offices of Eko Srl, or the manufacturer/supplier to Eko Srl at which are stored the information on tests carried out on the products.
9.2 Warranty be limited to replacement of the faulty part only, to the exclusion of any other claim by the customer for direct or indirect damages caused by the product.
9.3 The customer pays all labour and transport costs necessary for replacement of the part covered by the warranty.
9.4 Both the destination of the product, use of the product for purposes not permitted by law or regulations, and improper use of the product will void the product warranty.
9.5 The customer is required to verify that both the use of the product and its compliance with legislation and regulations in the state where the product is installed or used. Eko Srl is relieved of all liability for installation or unauthorized use or misuse of the product.
9.6 It also agreed that those who buy the material from Eko Srl, accepts the same conditions with the purchase, also the warranty of the manufacturer / supplier which may be independent of the will of Eko Srl same as the client declares even now informed by having previously examined and accepted.
9.7 The product warranty does not cover:
a) damages, caused by the product or activity provided by EkoFiltration, to air, water or soil, as well as damage to underground facilities and under the water level facilities;
b) damages resulting from product or activity provided by EkoFiltration specifically designed for equipment or installations at sea which are not firmly secured to the shore;
c) damages resulting from the product or activity provided by EkoFiltration, disruption or total or partial suspension of industrial, professional, commercial, craft, agricultural and private and public services;
d) damages resulting from the product or activity provided by EkoFiltration, products and things in general after delivery to third parties;
e) damages resulting from the product or activity provided by EkoFiltration, for expenses incurred by anyone, legal or extra-legal, researching the failure and/or abnormality.
9.8 In every case, the customer accepts that, in the event of damage caused by products purchased by Eko Srl from another supplier, he will renounce any claim against Eko Srl because the claim will be directly against the manufacturer of the material.


Sales conditions (price and delivery) are indicated in our internet website and in our order confirmation.


Replacement of goods will be effected only after the appropriate report form (request made material) has been sent to, and approved in writing by, Eko Srl.


All technical information and product data may be modified without notice.
All our data is based on extensive research and development. The buyer is obliged to verify that the product in each case corresponds to his requirements and is properly applied, by direct field tests or by on-site pilot testing.


All disputes are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Italy, and will be adjudicated in the courts of Parma.